Tia Toomey: Best CrossFit Workout Advice

Tia Toomey: Best CrossFit Workout Advice

Tia Toomey is a 3x reigning champion in the field of Crossfit workouts. She does some authentic core exercises for toning up. We are going to share it with you what she has to share with you all.

  • 4 rounds,
  • 30 seconds hollow rock hold,
  • 5 V-ups and
  • 10 hollow rocks.

Does not it sound great!

Tia Toomey Core Wod Regime

Tia Toomey: Best CrossFit Workout Advice
Tia Toomey: Best CrossFit Workout Advice

After the abs built up, here comes the Tia Toomey’s Core Wod plan. It spans for 90 seconds (each round) for 4 rounds. It includes:

  • Around the World (6),
  • Russian twists (20), and
  • Hollow Rock (holding the position for about 30 seconds).

Russian twists can be done while you are standing or sitting. Hold a weight and simply twist it to sides that build up tension in your muscles. The weight can be near your body or a bit far. This has to be a dynamic choice. The one thing you need to do while doing a Russian twist is keeping your body tight.

TABATA Workout

It requires no equipment; just a timer set on your mobile. It involves 3 rounds with 10 seconds of lag time in between all rounds. The regime includes:

  • V-Ups (8)
  • Tuck crunches (15-20)
  • Hollow rocks (hold for 30 seconds)
  • Superman (hold for 30 seconds)
  • Max bridge hold

Plank Wod Workout

Tia Toomey: Best CrossFit Workout Advice
Tia Toomey: Best CrossFit Workout Advice

This workout module increases your performance and body strength. You do not have to be a cross fitter to do this. The module includes:

  • Plank hold (for 2 minutes)
  • Side plank (for 2 minutes)

Tia Toomey Abs Workout Through Tabata Core Wod

This is yet another core exercise module let out of Tia Toomey. It includes Around the World and AB Mat Sit-ups.

The squat is one of her favorite exercises when she does it with weights. It is quite athletic. Squat powers certain muscle groups in your body within your core. It makes your muscles steel to a certain extent. However, if it is a deadlift, it works on your whole body. Overhead squats are the perfect ones for increases core stability. It can easily point out the weaknesses in your shoulder, along with balance and mobility characteristics.

T2B Window Wipers

This requires a lot of body control and active motor skills that target the abs and shoulder.

The 26 years Tia Toomey, an Australian weightlifter, has proved the critics that she’s a real deal. You can only be fit if you work towards it with full dedication and hard work. This dedication has brought her many laurels like the winning title of being the fittest women on Earth in 2017, 2018 and 2019 as well. This makes her rank 1 with some of her benchmark stats in back squat, clean and jerk, snatch, deadlift, fight gone bad, max pull-ups, filthy, sprint (400 m), and Run (5k). This makes her one of the very few women in the world reaching this height.

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