The Beginner’s Guide To Choose A Crossfit Box

The Beginner's Guide To Choose A Crossfit Box

Are you struggling to accomplish your fitness goals and failing to deliver results? Well, maybe it’s a red alert to revamp your fitness regime at Crossfit box. The modern lifestyle demands a degree of fitness that maintains both strength and endurance.

One such popular high-intensity conditioning workout is Crossfit. It’s a combination of functional movements with effective results on the body.

Check out why a Crossfit training makes more sense crossing your comfort zone.

The Beginner's Guide To Choose A Crossfit Box
The Beginner’s Guide To Choose A Crossfit Box

Crossfit follows a typical WOD in a combination of exercises like push-ups, pull-outs, squats, jogging, weightlifting, with props like weights, ropes, bars, and kettlebells. You perform Crossfit in a designated space with all the necessary equipment, known as a Crossfit box.

Why Crossfit Box Is A Better Place To Work Out?

Crossfit box is a much more comfortable place to work out as it gives you a chance for a serious workout session. It is more beneficial than what you achieve through your regular workouts at traditional gyms. Therefore, whether you’re seeking weight loss, muscle toning or increased endurance, Cross fit has an answer to all.

Through different functional movements, Crossfit introduces you in a high-intensity training session engaging each and every part of your body muscle with target results.

What’s A Crossfit Box?

A Crossfit box is unlike your normal gym, in a sprawling warehouse kind of space devoid of treadmills or bench press. Instead, you would see more of barbells, kettlebells, bars, weights, plyometric boxes, air bikes and ropes in a lot of open space.

You should enroll in a Crossfit Box if you’re seeking a healthy and HIIT (High- Intensity Interval Training) amid a group of fitness enthusiasts sweating and grinding to achieve their fitness goals. Additionally, the supervision of a trainer in a who guides you through an energetic WOD is what makes Cross Box popular.

Crossfit Culture And Diet

The CrossFit box comprises of fast-paced and challenging workouts tailored to fit individual fitness levels. Moreover, it’s a total body workout that involves high energy levels. Therefore, to perform such intense workouts your body needs to be fueled appropriately.

A Crossfit diet is a low carb diet rich in meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds with low starch and sugar. Therefore, consider lean meat, non-starchy fruits and vegetables, and monosaturated fats which help build additional muscle and burn calories.

Ideally, a Crossfit diet should contain a macronutrient ratio of 40/30/30 which translates into 40% carbs, 30% proteins and 30 % fats.

Kickstart Your Crossfit Regime

If you’re looking for a transition in your lifestyle and striving to reach your fitness, hit your nearest Crossfit box and join the inspiring cross-fit community to switch to an energetic fitness regime. Additionally get used to the Crossfit lingo like WOD which means Work out of the day, RFT and AMRAP.

The Beginner's Guide To Choose A Crossfit Box
The Beginner’s Guide To Choose A Crossfit Box

Typical Crossfit work out begins with a warm-up, following a particular skill like weightlifting, or bar lifting to increase your strength. The climax of Crossfit is the classic WOD to determine your speed and strength.

If you’ve successfully completed one round it’s equivalent to 1 RFT (Rounds of Time). Moreover, you can perform as many RFTs as possible to test your speed and endurance. However, if you finish the same workout within a set amount of time you finish an AMRAP.

Find Your Crossfit Box

If working out alone is boring, look for your closest Crossfit box and start training one-on-one with a professional trainer. He can guide you through your session. You can begin Crossfit at a slow pace then work the way up. However, if you have a health condition and are 65 plus consult a doctor before starting Crossfit. Undoubtedly, Cross fit is a complete fitness regime to set the bar high for fitness goals. Enroll in a Crossfit box to build a Crossfit community today!

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