Tabata Crossfit Workout Ideas For You To Stay Fit

tabata crossfit workout

Tabata CrossFit workout was first designed by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata to train Olympic skaters in 1996. The initial protocol implemented by Dr. Tabata was based on a 20/10 HIIT model where 20 seconds of rigorous exercise was followed by 10 seconds of rest. The model showed to increase the aerobic and anaerobic activity of athletes significantly. 

Typical Tabata CrossFit workout routine

20/10 model with one-minute rest between each Tabata for 8 reps

Sit-ups – lay down on a flat surface. Place your hands either on opposite shoulders or under your ears. Exhale as you lift your head and shoulders while engaging your core. Inhale as you go back down.

Pull-ups – raise your hands with the palms facing the sky, shoulder-length apart and grip the bar. Using your arm strength, pull yourself up while engaging your core.

Air squats – stand straight with your arms extended in front of you and feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down such that your hips move down while your back remains straight and your heel flat on the floor.  Slowly come back up without curving your back.

Pushups – get down in a high plank position. Lower your body as much as you can while keeping it straight, pause then slowly come back up.

The Tabata CrossFit workout is based on doing eight reps within 4 minutes. The four-minute protocol is said to be good enough for health and fitness but it can also be combined with other routines for maximum efficiency for people who participate in sports like weight lifting. The protocol can be combined with workouts like AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) where the entire 4-minute Tabata routine is repeated for twelve or twenty minutes.

Benefits and flaws of Tabata CrossFit workout

A woman holding a racket

Tabata CrossFit workout has been proven to give more intensive results than a traditional HIIT workout while being typically four minutes long. It has been shown to have improved metabolism and lean muscle mass along with a more active heart rate.

While the Tabata CrossFit workout has varied benefits, it is not recommended for people suffering from heart ailments or high blood pressure. It has also proved to be less effective in people who do not have athletic and intensive fitness levels. The workout has also posed problems with physical injuries if not performed under the strict guidance of an instructor.  


While having some setbacks, Tabata CrossFit workout has been employed as one of the most efficient modern-day training programs. The routine has shown to be more effective than both medium effect training routine and traditional high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It has been actively employed for individuals undergoing sports training for various fields and has shown greatly improved results than the group following a traditional training program. The benefits have far more outweighed the setbacks making it a readily accepted technique in the field of athletics. The combination of Tabata CrossFit workout with other training programs is highly dependent on the intensity the individual can handle making it convenient to build a self-personalized program.

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