How To Complete the CrossFit 19.3 Workout

How To Complete The CrossFit 19.3 Workout

The CrossFit 19.3 promises to be one of the toughest workouts you have ever done. CrossFit veterans and experts are struggling to complete this one. This workout was announced as part of five workouts for the CrossFit Open 2019 and has since gained notoriety among fitness enthusiasts for being extra challenging.

You shouldn’t be disheartened if you fail to complete the workout on your first few tries. This workout has been designed specially to test your determination along with your physical strength and endurance. If you fail, take a proper break and try again next time.

CrossFit 19.3 starts with doing 200 feet of overhead walking lunges. Then you proceed to do 50 dumbbell box step-ups. This is followed by 50 strict handstand push-ups. And if you’re still left standing, 200 feet of handstand walking to round things off. All of this has to be done within a time limit of 10 minutes.

The workout specifically targets your thigh muscles and your shoulders. So, if you have been training those muscles then you stand a good chance of at least making a fair attempt at completing the workout.

Here are some tips and strategies that will help you get there.

Manage Your Fatigue Levels For The CrossFit 19.3

How To Complete the CrossFit 19.3 Workout

How To Complete the CrossFit 19.3 Workout

Most people assume that it’s the strict handstand push-ups which you have to watch out for. However, before we can even attempt the handstand push-ups, we need to do hundreds of lunges and step-ups. It’s not easy to complete these two routines.

Several people have tried to go big and hard at the start and ended up losing out due to fatigue. It’s important to time yourself well and think of these two routines as a big block. You need to break the step-ups and lunges into manageable sets. Give the workout a few tries before settling on an optimum breakup.

Remember that doing the lunges too fast will mean that your step-ups get that much harder.

Doing The Handstand Push-Ups

This exercise routine deserves its own book. If you’re familiar with doing the handstand push-ups, then handling the CrossFit 19.3 should be easier for you then most people.

The key trick to crushing this routine is to focus on your core and the glutes when you descend. Using the power in your abs and your butt will help to keep the pressure off and maintain your balance.

Maintain complete tension in your body once you enter the handstand position. Try not to go limp from the shoulders down because this will prevent you from pressing as hard as you can.

Keep This Mindset Before Approaching The CrossFit 19.3

How To Complete the CrossFit 19.3 Workout

How To Complete the CrossFit 19.3 Workout

Before thinking about the handstand push-ups, concentrate on pacing the lunges and step-ups. You should be mindful of finishing the step-ups as fast as possible. Remember to take deep breaths throughout the routines.

If you’re planning on completing at least 10 handstand push-ups, then try to be as organised as possible with your lunges and step-ups. Take a short break after your lunges to catch your breath again.

Be mindful of maintaining complete body tension when attempting the handstand push-ups.


When attempting this workout, it is advisable to be equipped with shoes, a belt, and knee pads. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail at this workout, you’ll be in the same boat as most of us. Remember that the goal is to keep practicing the movements.

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