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home workout plan

Building muscle at home is important, but you don’t need to buy any expensive equipment or a gym membership to build muscle. Just following this simple-to-follow weekly routine, you can tone up your muscles without any additional gym membership or equipment. Bodyweight style training is ideal for functional exercise. By building your own muscles, you will increase your muscular strength, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and increase your metabolic rate. The results of this type of training are fast, visible, and sustainable. Follow these three-week programs to start seeing dramatic results in as little as a week.

Week one: Home Workout Plan

Workout Plan

Lifting body weight is the first part of your at-home workout plan. Begin lifting five to six times per week. Alternate back and front squats, deadlifts, bent-over rows, and pull-ups. Make sure you stretch after every exercise and drink plenty of water.

Week Two: 

Workout Plan

Add more bodyweight exercises to your at-home workout plan. Two to three additional exercises to each of the main muscles should be added. Two exercises for each arm, chest, and back should be added. Alternate these exercises in a forward and backward position. Alternate curls with straight bar squats, bent-over rows, chest presses, and pull-ups.

Week Three: 

An effective home workout plan would also include an effective and affordable gym. Investing in an effective gym will not only give you the right equipment to workout in but will help you stick with your workout schedule. If you’re a serious bodybuilder, you may want to purchase a gym machine or app to keep track of your progress during your workouts. One app to consider purchasing is the My 8Fit app which offers users detailed information about their workout and a fitness history report.

This app tells users how many calories they have burned, the amount of time it took them to reach their goal, average heart rate during their workouts, total workout volume, and the average number of repetitions they completed during a given time period. The information provided can easily be monitored by the owner of the gym. The most useful feature of the app, however, is its ability to integrate with Facebook so gym owners can share photos of their workouts with their friends. This will motivate more gym members to work out more often. Other easy exercises you can include in your at-home workout plan are simple aerobics, jumping jacks, walking briskly, jogging, running, and cycling.

Things To Know

These exercises are great for toning and firming up your muscles. By targeting specific parts of the body, you’ll ensure that your body is strengthened and in shape for the rigors of daily life. These at-home workouts can be broken into manageable segments for you to complete at home. You can complete five minutes of cardio before doing your thirty-minute squats, then another five minutes of cardio before finishing your long-distance bicycle ride.

Doing a home workout plan with these regular routines will help you lose weight—the reason why is because muscle groups become more defined when you’re constantly making them work. As your muscle groups are defined, they will also burn fat much faster. These routines, coupled with a healthy diet, will make you feel great, look great, and start a new you in a hurry!

Bottom Line

To get your ideal body shape and the perfect fitness level, you need to keep an exercise bike in your home. With the right exercises, you’ll burn calories and improve your overall health. Your best bet is to find an exercise bike that is flexible enough for all butting and that offers adjustable resistance, so you’re not constantly adjusting your workout to prevent injury. By keeping these points in mind, you’ll be able to choose a home workout plan that works for you.

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