CrossFit Workouts For Beginners - Basic Exercises

CrossFit Workouts For Beginners

3 CrossFit Workouts For Beginners

CrossFit is probably one of the fastest ways to achieve your fitness goals. It has even been called extreme by detractors who think that the fitness level aspired to by CrossFit enthusiasts is not required. Yet, there are many who love CrossFit workouts and want nothing more than to kickstart their way to fitness.

CrossFit has many workout movements that are meant for beginners and mastering these basic movements should be the first step towards reaching your fitness goals.

Remember that CrossFit is a lifestyle that has to be inculcated that includes what you eat as much as how much you exercise. So, make sure that you follow their diet plans along with these workouts.

Here are a few basic workouts that you should start your CrossFit training with.

Start Your CrossFit Workouts With The Should Press

3 CrossFit Workouts For Beginners
3 CrossFit Workouts For Beginners

The shoulder press is the quintessential beginner’s workout that gets your blood flowing and your adrenaline pumping. The shoulder is an easy exercise that helps you make your way to the more advanced CrossFit exercises.

To do the shoulder press, stand with your legs keeping them shoulder-width apart. You will need an empty barbell to complete the shoulder press. Hold the empty barbell in both hands while keeping your hands shoulder-width apart or slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Then move your hands directly up while keeping a strong grip on the empty barbell. Finally, bring the barbell down again and return to start position.

For best results, do three or four complete sets of the shoulder press with ten repetitions in each.

CrossFit Workouts Are Incomplete Without The Standard Push-Up

3 CrossFit Workouts For Beginners
3 CrossFit Workouts For Beginners

If you’ve never done a push-up before, then now is as great a time to learn as any. Doing your first push-up can be challenging because even though it is a basic workout, it can be hard to pull off.

If you find it hard to complete a single push-up, then it is recommended that you start by placing your hands on a raised platform because this starting position helps make it easier to do a push-up as it reduces the weight on your hands.  

To do the push-up, you should place your hands under your shoulders and on the floor or the platform that you’re using. Subsequently, start lowering yourself towards the floor by bending your hands. Keep lowering yourself until you almost touch the ground. Then get back into the starting position by pushing yourself up.

Try The Box Jump

The box jump is not as orthodox an exercise as the push-up or the shoulder press, however, it is quite popular. It is an explosive exercise that will help build your muscles quickly.

For this exercise, you will need a stable box or a raised platform from which you can climb up and down, just like a stair but higher. Start by placing the box or platform in front of you. Then do a squat and move yourself down before jumping up in the air. You should land on the box or platform placed in front of you. Finally, step back down and repeat the movement.


Learning these basic CrossFit workouts is an excellent way to start your CrossFit journey. Take help from an experienced coach to get your posture and number of repetitions right.  

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