Best Workouts to Do at Home

workouts to do at home

When most people think of working out, they almost always think of doing workouts to build bulk and defined muscle mass. They don’t often think of working out to get fit. The truth is activities to get fit shouldn’t be limited to huge weights and bodybuilders. You can do some very intense workouts to get fit, and they’re going to be very safe workouts for your body, too. For example, some very intense workouts to do at home involve using your body weight, but they’re also safe workouts for your body. One of these bodyweight exercises is push-ups.

Everyone Knows What A Push-Up Looks Like

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It’s a vast, weight-bearing exercise that targets the entire upper body. There are many variations on the push-up, including variations that target specific muscles, too. For this reason, push-ups are among the safest workouts to do at home. Some other bodyweight exercises at home are pullups, dips, pistols, and clean and jerks.

Pullups And Dips

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Pullups and dips are two of the more compound movements that you can do to get fit. They require a lot of power, and when you combine that with a stable surface (such as the floor), it makes for one of the best cardio workouts possible. A common variation of pullups and dips is the vertical pullup, which places much greater strain on the abdominal muscles. Another variation of pullups and dips is the horizontal pull-up, which uses your legs to pull upward on a bar or door. These workouts are excellent for building strong abdominal muscles and for burning a lot of calories.


Squats are another of the most popular exercises to do at home. The great thing about squats is that they can be done with a very lightweight (which makes them safer) and in a wide range of positions. Most squats involve stretching out at least one leg, although some may stretch both legs out simultaneously. A common type of squat is called the single-leg squat, in which you bring your knees up between your feet and place your hands just in front of your knees, behind your toes. Other kinds of squats include the single-legged squat, which requires only one foot touching the floor, and the double-legged squat, which is done by bringing both feet together and balancing yourself as you keep your legs straight.

One Set Of Push-Ups

Another workout to do at home is one set of push-ups. The advantages of a push-up workout at home over having one set of regular push-ups are that you can do a higher volume of reps, with much less rest in between stages. Push-ups also allow for a much more comprehensive range of motion than regular push-ups, allowing more muscle recruitment and a much greater overall calorie burn.

Standard Push-Up Workout

A standard push-up workout might include a minute or two of rest between sets but doing them repeatedly will burn a lot more calories than this. The major disadvantage of doing regular push-ups at home is that they can be challenging to do on your own. If you have no experience doing regular push-ups, then a gym will be your best option, as most gyms offer instruction on how to do these exercises correctly.

Final One: Cardio Workouts

Another one of the more popular home workouts to do at home is cardio workouts. Cardio workouts can be performed with free weights or machines, but they’re much more intense, and you can get faster results with an engine. Many people choose cardio workouts because they don’t want to commit to a long workout schedule or don’t have time to drive to the gym. You can purchase exercise videos that have hundreds of different cardio exercises that you can do at home very quickly.

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